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Cost of getting a motorcycle license in Australia?
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What are the current costs for getting a motorcycle license in the Eastern States of Australia these days?
Assume that the person is a competent off-road rider and holds a full car license.
My 25y.o. Australian-born nephew (Aus Citizen) who recently arrived back in Australia was quoted $850 in Victoria - wtf???
He's travelling around and perfectly happy to get his license in another State.... if it saves some money.
He was told he would have to attend a 2-day course for $400, have a 3hr test for $200 and pay $180 to get his P license....
Sounds like a rort to me....


That is a LOT more than I paid for mine in NSW about ten years ago - the computer test part of the motorcycle course in NSW is currently about 40 bucks and I think the L's two day test is about $170...


A couple years back, as a birthday present for my partner (probably a case of getting myself a present for her birthday) I said I'd pay for her to get her Ls. She's got a full car license but had to have Ls on for a year, then pay for the P test. Now she doesn't have to wear P plates but has to maintain a 0.0 BAC and no pillion etc for 3 years from when she did the Ps.
In Vic, I paid a little north of $400 for a two-day course, with an on road test (about 30 minutes). There wasn't a computer test, but there was a written one. I think the P test was around $150.
Having said that, they seem to change the rules for L platers every few weeks in Vic, so I'm not sure what's happening now... My advice would be to shop around though, Honda (where I did my Ls back in the day) seems to charge substantially more than everywhere else. My suspicion is that if he can ride comfortably he doesn't need to have his hand held by the brain surgeons at HART.


In NSW you still need to do the riding course to get your L's BUT nearly all of the places are booked out for many months in advance (in the greater Sydney area anyway)

You may be able to get in quicker in a country area but you would have to call and check waiting times.



Wow!  You're right.

I just checked the HART website & it's $499 for the 2 day learner course.  I suppose it's fair given that it includes the bike for 2 days.

It certainly has gone up a lot.


I suppose at least he can ride on L plates for up to 2 years still, but I haven't checked that.

When I did the 2 day course over 20 years ago it was worth it's weight in gold.  I also did a practice session there after the VJMC in Sutton to regain my confidence after a scary ride back with a crook front end.  (Using thier bike, it worked well).  The I put the axle in the Turbo the better way around.

I haven't done dirt riding, so the tips they gave me when the bike isn't behaving well have been a skin saver on a few occasions.

The course never mentioned anything about filling the fuel tank though (maybe that's it?)  lmao lmao lmao


I don't know what it's like down south but in Qld if you are on your L's you ned to be escorted by someone with an open (full) AT ALL TIMES.


I don't know what it's like down south but in Qld if you are on your L's you ned to be escorted by someone with an open (full) AT ALL TIMES.

I've heard they were thinking about trialling something like that here in Vic as well. Seems a bit odd to me - what are you supposed to do if someone on the bike behind/in front of you makes a booboo?


Would vary from state to state.Things change over the years so comparison to 5years or 10 years ago might not be relevant.
(e.g. I got a RWC for less than $30 a few years ago in Tas. last one in Vic was a few hundred....... 2sad.)


RWC in Tas have gone up from those days.  Cost anywhere from $90 to $150 from my experience, depends where you take it to. 

Sure your nephew might be competent on a bike but the courses have been put in place for those that may never have ridden.  Also riding off road doesn't teach your roadcraft which can save your life on road.  Now, I'm not saying these courses are the be all and end all, depends upon your instructor like anything else. 

At the end of the day if a course can pass along some knowledge that could save your life or prevent serious injury to yourself or someone you cared about then what would you pay?

Now for a  funny story in regards to competent bike rider vs a safe bike rider.  A mate did his L's a number of years ago.  In his class was a young fella who believed that he would be challenging Rossi in a couple of years.  Whilst he did his L test he wedged his mobile phone (back in the days of flip ups) in between his helmet and his cheek so that he could talk to his girlfriend whilst doing the test.  Needless to say he didn't pass...

The other thing I'd say in regards to people who can ride bikes (or drive cars for that matter) is something that I once heard Keith Code talk about.  People who have ridden for 25 years may just have ridden 1 year 25 times, length of time on a bike is no guarantee of skill or roadcraft unless you develop or practise it regularly...


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