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I've scanned both my CX500T brochure & this one as I hadn't seen any on line & thought they were interesting.

(The turbo scan is in "Turbo Chat" on the forum topics list)

Both brochures talk about Honda breaking new ground & explain some of the thinking of the day.

I reckon they are pretty snappy for the late 1970's  happy0158 happy0158


My favourite parts:

How does this Sports Tourer perform at high speed on winding mountain roads?

Like a streak of greased lightning... the CX500 can be pushed into corners at bank angles no other machine in it's class can even look at.

that "in it's class" is the get out of jail free for Honda.  That would no doubt be the 'twisted twin' class...  happy0007

.. you want blazing acceleration, and quick responsive power for an afternoon's sports riding... the CX500 is your kind of machine.


I suspect they wrote this brochure after a long session on the Sake !


If you look at Mira figures the CX was the fastest and quickest accelerating 4 stroke 500 you could buy in 1978.

 That includes a few exotics.


Well, there ya go eh !


We like them because they are OURS!


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