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General Discussion / engine guard/engine watchdog
« Last post by bahn88 on 19-Mar-19, 16:28 »
Hi, wondering if anyone has fitted any of the "temperature alarms/monitors" like engine guard or engine watchdog to their bikes/boats (haven't included cars here as Iam wondering how they cope with mixed weather/elements
Is the display weatherproof (no answer from the manufacturer for engine guard-tho' they say they are suitable for bikes......)

Staffy talked about onsidering it in a old post (in place of an accessory gauge)-but dunno if anyone here ever fitted a unit......

General Discussion / Re: 3D printer files for CX500 etc.
« Last post by VladTepes on 18-Mar-19, 10:51 »
Mate of mine has a small 3D printer. Not an ultra cheapy but certainly not expensive.  The few things he's made for me seem fine.

I'm waiting for one where I can press a button and it can do the project for me, so the missus get's off my back and stops saying "Have you sold it yet?"
General Discussion / St. Patrick's Day
« Last post by fran c on 16-Mar-19, 23:52 »
Happy St. Patrick's Day to Everyone.

Ask the gurus / Re: steering head bearing removal
« Last post by gm on 16-Mar-19, 23:23 »
thanks Joe
good to hear from you too
I will make up a drift from what I can find in the shed.
I'll post the results
thanks again
Ask the gurus / Re: steering head bearing removal
« Last post by jhovel on 16-Mar-19, 23:13 »
Hi. Welcome back.
I'm still around - mostly just reading....
I no longer have any access to member discount for the bearings, so no point with double postage etc.
I ended up using a piece of solid steel bar about 12mm diameter and at least a hand-width longer than the headstem. I cut one end at a slight angle so it meets the bearing lip at the opposite end of the headstem at more or less right angles. That way it doesn't have as much tendency to slip off the narrow lip and go through when you hit it. Wear gloves in case it still does. You do have to hit them fairly hard for the first few hits around the circle. Then they come out easily, because the cups they sit in are actually slightly tapered.
Also, when you install the new ones, make sure they are seated properly - for the same reason! Or they will continue to keep coming loose as they seat themselves from going over bumps.....

They were so much better than the other brands.

these manuals filled in the gap/ explained things to the layman more completely than the factory manual-tho' the FSM is the reference point/bible for us "crusties"

P.S. I am a Haynes Fan!
Ask the gurus / Re: steering head bearing removal
« Last post by gm on 16-Mar-19, 17:00 »
thanks 82....
thats interesting.  on mine the top one seems the most difficult although it is sitting proud of the frame by 3mm see previous photo and the lower one is loose and sits inside the frame by about 5mm see new photo. 
Is this how it is supposed to be?
the bent screw driver blade seems like a good idea I'll try that.
Ask the gurus / Re: steering head bearing removal
« Last post by 82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie on 16-Mar-19, 16:49 »
Hi Graham,

The top one usually comes out pretty easy. The bottom one can take a fair bit of persistence.

On my Turbo I used a long screwdriver (old one with a knackered handle), and heated the tip up and bent the shaft and the tip over. I could then manage to get a purchase on the bottom race. Gently tap around the race as you go and it will come out - a bit of patience and maybe a bfh when needed.

The bottom race is harder as you are inserting into a smaller hole from the top and less angle to work with, from the bottom it is a bigger hole and more angle.

Ask the gurus / Re: steering head bearing removal
« Last post by gm on 16-Mar-19, 15:29 »
thanks Seagrass
good to hear from you.
I thought that might be the answer. There just doesn't seem to be much of a lip to grip.  I've seen some ritzy tools on utube but these look like they would cost more than the bike.
I should have taken these out before I sprayed the frame.
oh well I will take it slow and hopefully it will be ok
looking forward to getting back into things.
Ask the gurus / Re: steering head bearing removal
« Last post by Seagrass on 16-Mar-19, 15:07 »
Graham you need to hammer out the old bearing race from the opposite side using a long implement as a drift. Work your way around the bearing and it will find out slowly.

If you check with Joe Hovel he probably has the bearings in stock, if not try www.wemoto.com.au.

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