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I'll try out your ideas. I'm pretty sure I have covered them but I'll check again.
On removing the boot it appears the uni is hitting the bottom of the bell shape on the swing arm.
Swing arm is centred. Swingarm came off a Custom but I'm sure they were the same.

I'm away for a few days so I'll check on Tuesday.

Thanks all
General Discussion / Re: Honda VT250 Spada ride.
« Last post by bahn88 on Yesterday at 20:01 »
I know many forum members own/have owned numerous bikes.....good to see the forum members discussing other machines

If I can share my best experiences happy0059-Honda CB550F,Honda CB750F2,BMWK100RS, and of course the CX!! (all used except for the BMW)

Worst bike experience-new VF750F (1982?)-bad cam hardening, cooling issues, and a Honda dealer that would take months to do warranty work...and while "resting" there the bike fell off its stand and dented, needed a respray! 2sad

For those of you that haven't seen this short show (Tokyo gone) it focuses on "its not what you ride....." :grandpa:

Ok. I’d see if you can detect any movement between each end of the shaft then.

I’d expect to pull the swing arm either way, though, as if there isn’t any slop evident I’d want to take a look to see what else is up... and if there is slop it’ll have to come off to get the shaft out.
No noise in neutral. Only when back wheel turning
Nix Seagrass.It must exit the front due to the size of the uni.
Ray I am fairly certain that if you remove the rear wheel and final drive and disconnect the drive shaft from the engine output shaft, you can then remove the driveshaft out through the final drive end of the swing arm.

If it does not come out completely you may be able to get it out far enough to visually inspect the uni joint.

Hi Ray,

Why don't you undo the retaining bolt under the driveshaft rubber, then get someone to hold the rubber back while you give at a push and a pull or twist and turn to see if it clunks or not? I would do this with the bike on the side stand first, and then again when it is on the centre stand. On the side stand the wheel will not be able to turn, but you may be able to feel any movement in the universal joint... has the final drive been greased ?? plus the coupling to the output shaft ???


Orr.... can you remove the final drive and see if there is slop between each end of the driveshaft? If the U-joint is on the way out to the point of the shaft flopping around you'd think that you would be able to discern some slop when holding each end of the shaft and twisting.
Does it make the noise on the center stand and the engine in neutral?

As I ride along it sounds like the universal joint is  banging against the swingarm.
I have made sure the bolt is in the slot in the output shaft.
I have taken the diff off to make sure the splines are connecting.
It rides ok, so it's driving the rear wheel ok.
On the centre stand in gear with the engine running it does the same.
Turning the rear wheel by hand it does the same.

I haven't taken the driveshaft completely out because I'd need to remove the swingarm.
And I really don't want to do that.
I'm hoping it's something other than a bent driveshaft which I doubt.

Any ideas??
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