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CX & GL Technical Stuff / Re: crankshaft thrust washer
« Last post by J.C. on Today at 22:20 »
Crankcases seem to be in ready enough supply that that sort of effort has not yet been necessary.
CX & GL Technical Stuff / Re: crankshaft thrust washer
« Last post by kazdeluxe on Today at 21:40 »
yes its the internal face where the main bearing resides in the block. just wondered has anyone fixed these blocks where the barrels are perfect but the faces have been ground away-cheers rob.
CX & GL Technical Stuff / Re: COVER, COMB SW?
« Last post by Seagrass on Today at 19:46 »
The 1982 Shadow has an addendum to the 1981 parts list.

Al the parts lists are available on this site for free download for members.

May be worthwhile doing what I do and look up the part number and then go to Honda with the part number when ordering. This takes the guesswork out of the process.

CX & GL Technical Stuff / Re: COVER, COMB SW?
« Last post by Krisby on Today at 16:44 »
I've also had that same problem at the Honda dealer; I suppose the last Australian Shadow never made it into the parts system.  The "Delux" seems to be a close fit.
Thanks Seagrass,

I'll give it a longer run tomorrow and try to keep the revs higher when changing gear. It even felt like it was running on one cylinder when trying to accelerate in third gear, and sluggish.



CX & GL Technical Stuff / Re: Rubber cement/glue?
« Last post by Krisby on Today at 16:37 »
Maybe black silicon sealer, like the type used on windscreens?

Super Glue?  I'll give it a try.  Also thought that gluing a patch of thin rip-stop nylon fabric on the other side of the rubber item to be repaired would be a good way to keep the repaired section from opening up again.  The nylon fabric is strong, and it would work better than a rubber patch where the rubber boot or cover must fit tightly over an object.

I believe there are also different formulations of SuperGlue, designed for use on specific materials.
The turbos are quite unresponsive below around 3,000RPM and you will learn to change your riding style to suit. Once you get above 3,000RPM the bike becomes more responsive and as you have found, once over about 4,500RPM everything happens very quickly.

Have fun working it all out.

CX & GL Technical Stuff / Re: Rubber cement/glue?
« Last post by bahn88 on Today at 15:10 »
I would also suggest superglue-with a rubber inner tube patch/raft (Dingy) patch-but need to be quick.....
I have used just some clear silicone sealer on both sides - if you can open up the crack and make sure you get good coverage inside and outside - it seems to work. I did the carb intake runners on my 81 Custom that way - heated them up with a heat gun first - made them a bit softer- opened up the external cracks with a thin screwdriver then squirted silicon into the crack and smoothed it over with my finger making sure I had a good cover either side. Have also used a hot glue gun to have the same effect.

Decided this afternoon I should take the Turbo for a blurt around the block - clear the cobwebs so to speak.

Before you start Harry - it is not currently registered.

I have been starting the bike regularly, normally twice a week to keep the battery good- and let the bike run up to temperature - at least 10 minutes - voltage sits around 14.1 on the volt meter - and I know that reads a few points lower as well.

Gear on - roll the bike to the bottom of the driveway  - then start the bike up - let it idle for only a minute then off up the road slowly in first, second, third gear, round the first corner, forget to turn the blinker off - realised that about 4 corners later - having too much fun.

The bike sounds noisy - or seems to be to me - lots of rear end noise and backlash to a degree- using rear brake around the corners - but when accelerating - it seems sluggish to the point and  take a while to pick up - but when it does - the turbo kicks in a bit after 4000 rpm and then it just whooshes very quickly. I think I was also just staying in third gear as well - so probably a shift down to second and then see how it performs might be a better judge.

I think I annoyed the neighbourhood enough for 10 minutes - so put the bike back up the driveway. Never got to 5th gear - might do the same tomorrow - but keep it in 2nd gear a bit longer and see if the riding performance increases, just to be sure.

Cheers and beers guys.

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