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often times the cable is not the correct one for your model , so has been re-routed to make it fit . Ensuring you have the model-specific cable allows you to route it as per the diagram.
Currently my bike has the clutch cable routed as shown in the photo below.  It is not very neat and I'm wondering whether there is an alternative route that keeps it fully functional, protected, and neatly out of the way. 
The second picture below shows the FSM cable routing diagram for my model.  The lower routing of the cable is obscured by the radiator shroud, so it's unclear what is intended.  Does anyone know the correct factory routing?  Or, perhaps, a good alternative that has served them well? 
Ask the gurus / Re: CX500 - Source of Tapping Noise in Engine
« Last post by CX PHREAK on 11-Nov-19, 16:44 »
Tappets set on the right stroke?

 Did the gaps seem non existent when making the adjustment?

 Left you a post on the US forum.
Ask the gurus / Re: CX500 - Source of Tapping Noise in Engine
« Last post by Seagrass on 11-Nov-19, 15:56 »
Barocca that sounds like a very loud tappet noise.

How did you set the tappets (engine cold, drag fit with feeler gauge etc) and what gap did you set the tappets to? Did you turn the engien the correct way when setting the tappets?

Did you happen to start the engine before pouring 200 Ml's of oil down into the "camshaft well" (via the heads). If so this can cause excessive camshaft lobe wear so you may need to reset the tappet clearance again.

Ask the gurus / CX500 - Source of Tapping Noise in Engine
« Last post by Barocca on 11-Nov-19, 13:54 »
I'm hoping that one of our experienced members can help me to identify the source of a noise that is worrying me. 
The bike has been off the road for many months whilst triple bypass surgery was performed.  It runs standard exhaust system and air filter, has new timing chain, new piston rings (negligible wear on bores or pistons), Rae-san ignition, carbs rebuilt by CX guru.  The bike has been ridden about 40km and has had cylinder heads re-torqued and valve clearances set.  The noise is particularly noticeable at idle and low throttle openings.  There does not appear to be any leak around the exhaust system that might explain it.  Any ideas? 
Note that, given the other problems on the bike prior to the rebuild, it is possible that the noise was present before the bike was pulled apart.

General Discussion / Re: C Tek battery chargers
« Last post by doddsy1000 on 11-Nov-19, 11:09 »
I tend to go for the cheap $100 UPS's Les & treat them as a disposable item.  Just pick one up at Officeworks & only plug one real current drawing device into each one.

2 years is about right for these.

If you went for Eaton or similar, at least you can replace the batteries easily & not expensively.  I doubt that it's much of a saving over replacing the cheap ones & you have to wait for a battery to arrive.

But they do smooth the power, not sure if they work very well underpowered though.

Actually getting any real length of battery benefit is rare, I'm only interested in enough time to do an orderly shut down of computer equipment & then a delay before they power back on to allow for surges & rapid mains power dropouts.

Current restorations / gl700 fairing brackets
« Last post by patrick on 11-Nov-19, 10:03 »
Hi folks have just bought a gl700 grey import minus the fairing and brackets - have a fairing coming from the US but understand that the gl500 brackets will not bolt on to a gl700 without modification. Can anyone help with advice or a link re gl700 fairing brackets ?
General Discussion / Re: What's happening today?
« Last post by Onetrack on 10-Nov-19, 17:06 »
There is a man at Atherton near here that has at least one of every Japanese Turbo ever made, including 659 Honda. So more than one collector.

"Young" Les F
General Discussion / Re: What's happening today?
« Last post by Mins Man on 10-Nov-19, 12:37 »
I have several boxes here. You could ride that 650 turbo up and look into as many boxes as you like,  I guarantee you will find the light if you leave that 650 here. lmao lmao
"Young" Les f
Unfortunately Les I no longer own that 650T. I believe it now resides in NZ with a Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamahahaha Turbo.
The buyer said that he wanted one of every example but declined my offer to sell him my 500T.
General Discussion / Re: C Tek battery chargers
« Last post by bahn88 on 09-Nov-19, 18:55 »
take ur point.

Battery chargers-I'd recommend Optimate-consider contacting tech-mate/moto-tech with your requirements/experience


For UPS I've had good experience with EATON-(3S 700 among others ) but as I said-this was to protect MVB bulbs-and an additional unit to keep a 10-20w aquarium filter going on battery back up during power outage which were common here in summer (coastal town high summer power demand)
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