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Harry and others,

Came home this afternoon, took the seat off and measured the battery voltage - 12.22V with ignition off. Ignition on it dropped to 11.85V - hit the start button  - it dropped to low 9's high 8's in voltage - so pretty well confirmed the battery has seen better days. It did crank for about 4 seconds. Tried a second start - click click click.....

Confirmed diagnosis...

Off to ebay to get a gel battery... rang around for some prices today anyway - cheapest was Motobatt at $142 from battery world.. so  off to ebay   lol..

General Discussion / Re: Houston we have a problem
« Last post by Mins Man on Today at 11:02 »
Yeah I would have tried jump starting it first off.
Not understanding the magic that goes on with an electrical system, the battery is always the culprit in my book.
Thanks Ian, Thanks Victor,

I made a decision late last night I would be riding the Turbo this morning, and is what I have done to get to work.

My jump pack has charged up overnight, but just for *****s and giggles thought I would try and start the Valkyrie this morning. Went out - turned the key - and it started as normal - no strange noises - idled fine as well. So - I said stuff it - you let me down yesterday so on goes the bike cover and she can sulk all day. I'm going to take the battery out tonight and give it a good charge as well - but will get it load tested on Saturday morning - in the mean time I will just have to ride the Turbo.

Me thinks I will be getting a new battery for the Valkyrie.

Cheers guys.

Seagrass I will check your theory as well - a bit too hot last night to run that test - and a bit late as well would have been working in the dark at the top of the driveway... 2smiley
General Discussion / Re: Houston we have a problem
« Last post by VC3 on Today at 05:36 »
The good news is that the bike brought you home...….. happy0158

The bad news is that the Valkerie may be exhibiting jealously, acting out.....you've been raving about the Turbo a lot...….try buying the Valk some farkles or post a rave about how great it is, maybe it will start.
General Discussion / Re: Houston we have a problem
« Last post by doddsy1000 on Yesterday at 22:21 »
That's exactly what my battery on the CB900 did.

It would work when it had a fresh charge & then die after only a short while.

Everything looked good, but it was just a dud.
General Discussion / Re: Houston we have a problem
« Last post by 82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie on Yesterday at 22:13 »
Thanks Seagrass, Thanks denuto,

I am actually charging up a jump pack - instead of the battery - and will see if it fires up tomorrow afternoon.. I will also see if I can jump the solenoid and get a kick out of it. If not then I will take the battery out and give it an overnight charge - I don't have a load tester, but could hook it up to the Turbo and see what it does under load...

I'm also not sure how old this battery is as it was in the bike when I got it... might need a new one anyway......just so suprised the bike just stopped dead in its tracks coming up the driveway...

more investigation to continue.

General Discussion / Re: Houston we have a problem
« Last post by denuto on Yesterday at 21:58 »
I had the "solenoid click" over the Christmas break. Checked the battery (a Yuasa) which read about 12.3, so I put it on the charger for a bit. The battery was about 9 months old and hasn't given any trouble previously.

Replaced the solenoid. Still clicking.

Battery charges up to about 13.1 Volts, and lights up the headlight ok, but the solenoid just clicks.

Pulled out the starter, dismantled it and checked the brushes. Still just clicking.

Checked for wiring issues, found nothing.

Went to the auto elecs to get a new battery. He tested the old one, which is still showing 12.7 volt charge and when he hooks it up to his battery tester and puts a load on it the voltage drops rapidly to 8 volts and then stops putting out anything.

New battery - all good. I can't find a receipt for the failed battery and I think I paid cash.

I think you might need a new battery. My new one was only $55, but your Valkyrie battery will be bigger.
General Discussion / Re: Houston we have a problem
« Last post by Seagrass on Yesterday at 21:20 »
A charged battery should be reading around 12.7 volts with a minimum of 12.4

If the battery is staying above 12 volts when trying to start then it is probably OK but this is not guaranteed.

What is the voltage at the solenoid “switch” wire? The small wire that trips the solenoid?  I have seen a lot of “voltage drop” on this wire which means the solenoid does not have enough current to switch power to the starter. This voltage drop problem can be fixed by installing a relay into the circuit. The relay is activated by the current switch wire and then supplies 12 volts to the solenoid from a direct (via the relay) battery supply.

I suspect the problem is probably the battery on its way out but check the other things too.

General Discussion / Houston we have a problem
« Last post by 82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie on Yesterday at 20:11 »
Hi Guys,

Major dilemna and lots of head scratching for the last hour or so.

Coming up my driveway on the Valkyrie this afternoon – the bike just quit – didn’t stall – just stopped.

I put the bike in neutral – hit the starter button and just got – “click”.
Put the sidestand down then up – tried again  - click
Turned bike off and on – tried again - click
Hit the kill switch to off then on – tried again – click

Did all of the above a few times – then it started and was making some weird sound – could not quite hear  with my helmet on - but a bit of a rattle –
Rode it to its parking spot – and it seemed to be idling fine and running on all six cylinders – gave it a few gentle twists of the throttle – any noise had gone away.

Scratched my head  - and not sure what has happened.

After dinner – thought I better go check again see if things were ok

Bike on side stand in neutral on – tried again – click

So thought it must be a stuck solenoid?

Seat and side covers off – measured battery voltage – and it was showing about 12.3 but steady – not jumping about anywhere indicating a failed cell.
Checked ALL the fuses for continuity and voltage – checked the main 30amp fuse  - all good – no problems – getting 12v either side,
Checked the MAIN FUSE – and again 12 volts and continuity.

Same issue  – tried again – click. The solenoid is definitely getting power and is clicking – I am charging up the battery tonight – just wondering if the battery does not have enough grunt – but when I put the voltmeter across it when starting there is no appreciable drop when I hit the starter button?
– so what do you think has happened?? Any help gladly appreciated

Thanks in advance…


General Discussion / Re: What's happening today?
« Last post by rooray on 15-Jan-19, 16:26 »
I use SSB batteries. Never had a problem, and the rep drops it off to my door. Good quality.
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