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Ask the gurus / Re: rough idle and slight backfire through carby.
« Last post by gm on Today at 08:23 »
thanks Onetrack, I wasn't sure how I would get the parts for this in time for rego. 
Yes CX PHREAK you are correct this is the 650 and yes the plugs do get sooty quick.  I thought it was the 95 octane fuel.
is there a cure for this or will the new connectors do the job?
Ask the gurus / Re: rough idle and slight backfire through carby.
« Last post by CX PHREAK on Yesterday at 19:23 »
This is a 650?

 If so it has 12 volt ignition. The low speed running problem may be a weak spark due to poor battery charging at low revs.

In which case I would expect to see sooty plugs.
Ask the gurus / Re: rough idle and slight backfire through carby.
« Last post by Onetrack on Yesterday at 19:15 »
Important! running the engine with that damaged three wire connector will result in a dead stator and a great deal of work.  This is due to the unequal loading of the three phase stator (alternator)when one phase or more is not delivering and the others are working hard to make up for them.  You can get a suitable connector from Jaycar for a few dollars.
"Young" Les F

I think one side of that plug has three yellow wires going into it - they are from your stator - the red ones go to your regulator/rectifier - and that plug is now toast. You have corrosion build up on the plug ends/connectors. You will need to replace the plug and get some nice fresh wire to solder them together or replace the entire plastic plug and reterminate the old wires for a clean connection.

You have let the magic smoke out - so your battery may not be charging - fix that first before you go any further. Including riding the bike any distance from home. If your battery dies from not being charged I'm sure you won't like pushing the bike home.


Ask the gurus / Re: rough idle and slight backfire through carby.
« Last post by gm on Yesterday at 15:18 »
 while I was trying to idle the bike I had the covers off and noticed a waft of smoke rise from the back of the battery.  I pulled the battery and found some sus wires. think they are part of the regulator assembly (if thats what it is called) I have some photos and not sure if this is the origin of smoke but would this contribute to things not working properly.
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If you are ok riding it - I would buy some fuel injector cleaner - and put double the dosage into a fresh tank of fuel. Then ride it quite vigorously for several KM- more like an Italian tune-up routine.

It may well give the whole system a good clean out - if it will then idle - I would let it do that and turn the fuel tap off - let it run until it dies. Then open the fuel tap to get fresh fuel into it.
Ask the gurus / Re: rough idle and slight backfire through carby.
« Last post by Seagrass on Yesterday at 14:15 »
Graeme it sounds like you have some dirt in the idle circuit of the carbies. CX Phreak is your best point of contact as he knows these carbies inside out and from memory overhauled yours a few years ago.

In future if you are not going to be riding for a while it may be best to turn off the fuel tap and drain the carbies as this should help to keep the carbies cleaner.

If it was my bike I would remove the idle screws and spray some throttle body cleaner or maybe even WD40 into the hole. Hopefully this might unclog any blockages.


Ask the gurus / rough idle and slight backfire through carby.
« Last post by gm on Yesterday at 10:58 »
Hi Gurus
I hope you are having a good weekend.
Having overcome the stuck clutch I have moved on to the next item stopping ride up for the rego check.
While I was running the motor trying to unstick the clutch I noticed that it was difficult to maintain an even speed and I needed to hold the throttle on or it would stall.
Considering that I hadn't riden since December I had drained the fuel tank and the carby bowls before starting the bike so I don't think it is fuel.
I took the side covers off and tried to get it to run however the lack of idle continues even at operating temperature.  The bike seems to run steady while I hold the throttle then it drops so I need to put a small amount of pressure on or it will stall. this is more of a shift in weight than a twist but then the revs climb rapidly to about 4k. it takes a while to get it even again.  also I am geting a slight backflow through the air intake.
any ideas where to start??  (I cleaned the plugs. The air filter would have only done about 20klms).
I hope you can help
all the best GM
CX & GL Technical Stuff / Re: Broken Air Mixture Screws
« Last post by finn_nz on 15-Aug-19, 15:38 »
thanks for the heads up about the brass bits, mine are fine i just need to replace orings and floatbowl seal, if i hadnt have read ur post i probablly woulda used the new brass bits,,,,,,thankyou
Ask the gurus / Re: 650E Clutch
« Last post by 82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie on 14-Aug-19, 20:15 »
Nice result

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