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What's happening today?

Started by Staffy on 17-Jul-11, 11:22 « 1 2 3 ... 342 »

Last post 11-Jul-19, 07:40
by 82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie
Intro cards for CX Register

Started by Kathy on 16-Apr-09, 21:07 « 1 2 »

Last post 03-Aug-12, 22:24
GIVE BLOOD.......EVERYBODY................

Started by ozebob on 14-Mar-08, 15:05 « 1 2 3 4 »

Last post 05-Feb-14, 23:43
by doddsy1000
New or returning riders (long post)

Started by jhovel on 11-Mar-08, 23:40 « 1 2 »

Last post 30-May-14, 21:26
by Textahead
cx the film star

Started by ozebob on 30-Sep-07, 19:29 « 1 2 3 »

Last post 09-Sep-18, 18:59
by bahn88
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Custom Paint Job

Started by Cass on 09-Jul-19, 08:53

Last post 18-Jul-19, 14:45
by Cass
Nice CX500 Cafe Video

Started by VC3 on 16-Jul-19, 09:48

Last post 16-Jul-19, 23:15
by VladTepes
Intake Manifolds.

Started by ericclapham on 13-Jul-19, 13:16

Last post 14-Jul-19, 18:08
by Seagrass
Last post 16-Jun-19, 18:30
by bahn88
VJMC National Meet May 17th to 19 th.

Started by Cass on 18-Apr-19, 15:39

Last post 25-May-19, 21:48
by doddsy1000
Last post 23-May-19, 00:42
by jhovel
Standard Spark plugs OR Iridium Plugs.

Started by Cass on 07-Apr-19, 12:31

Last post 22-May-19, 00:54
by rooray
hydraulic motorbike table

Started by rjdownunder000 on 22-Apr-19, 23:24

Last post 22-Apr-19, 23:24
by rjdownunder000
Tacho needle oscillations

Started by MRMR on 31-Mar-19, 16:07

Last post 22-Apr-19, 10:24
by rjdownunder000
Identifying set of o-rings

Started by rjdownunder000 on 21-Apr-19, 20:00

Last post 22-Apr-19, 10:17
by rjdownunder000
Last post 03-Apr-19, 12:47
by oldbones
engine guard/engine watchdog

Started by bahn88 on 19-Mar-19, 16:28

Last post 26-Mar-19, 22:17
by Krisby
3D printer files for CX500 etc.

Started by J.C. on 15-Mar-19, 16:07

Last post 18-Mar-19, 10:51
by VladTepes
St. Patrick's Day

Started by fran c on 16-Mar-19, 23:52

Last post 16-Mar-19, 23:52
by fran c
Last post 16-Mar-19, 20:27
by bahn88
Last post 11-Mar-19, 20:07
by Onetrack
Last post 28-Feb-19, 21:32
by SlotBaker
Last post 27-Feb-19, 21:08
by 82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie
South Aust / Vic reg and RWC help needed.

Started by Joolstacho on 15-Feb-19, 14:51

Last post 18-Feb-19, 18:21
by Mins Man
Rae-San Preview

Started by Rayman on 11-Feb-19, 07:52

Last post 17-Feb-19, 21:24
by Rayman
New youtube channel

Started by bahn88 on 13-Jan-19, 12:23

Last post 07-Feb-19, 18:25
by bahn88
2019 VJMC

Started by BUFF7454 on 30-Dec-18, 11:27

Last post 07-Feb-19, 12:24
by 82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie
CX500 Oil pressure ?

Started by madmechanic on 26-Jan-19, 11:34

Last post 31-Jan-19, 07:31
by madmechanic
Houston we have a problem

Started by 82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie on 16-Jan-19, 20:11 « 1 2 »

Last post 21-Jan-19, 23:32
by 82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie
Oil Change Engine Flush.

Started by Cass on 31-Dec-18, 13:03

Last post 31-Dec-18, 15:42
by Cass
Christmas Greetings

Started by 82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie on 21-Dec-18, 07:53

Last post 25-Dec-18, 15:45
by Krisby
I was on the radio!

Started by ACE on 10-Dec-18, 12:52

Last post 10-Dec-18, 12:52
by ACE
Valve Timing

Started by nodrog on 26-Nov-18, 20:30

Last post 08-Dec-18, 08:03
by rooray
Anyone got a wheel they can weigh?

Started by J.C. on 03-Nov-18, 12:31

Last post 18-Nov-18, 12:21
by J.C.
With a heavy heart - the CX has to go.

Started by VladTepes on 13-Nov-18, 11:16

Last post 13-Nov-18, 20:41
by doddsy1000
Waterfall Way

Started by VladTepes on 11-Nov-18, 16:40

Last post 11-Nov-18, 16:40
by VladTepes
Cx Spoke wheels on ebay

Started by ACE on 07-Nov-18, 10:49

Last post 08-Nov-18, 19:19
by bahn88
no entry

Started by fran c on 05-Nov-18, 04:46

Last post 06-Nov-18, 13:56
by muzza
A 1980 CX500 being sold?

Started by Krisby on 28-Oct-18, 22:43

Last post 30-Oct-18, 16:49
by Krisby
What's going on ?

Started by werewasi on 26-Oct-18, 11:43

Last post 27-Oct-18, 13:12
by J.C.
Last post 22-Oct-18, 08:02
by 82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie
Looking for a Speedo Cable

Started by SlotBaker on 09-Oct-18, 19:14

Last post 12-Oct-18, 22:09
by SlotBaker
keeping a copy of sent PMs?

Started by bahn88 on 26-Sep-18, 19:17

Last post 27-Sep-18, 09:54
by bahn88
SuperCheap Bike Dolly $99. ,!!

Started by rooray on 14-Sep-18, 18:39

Last post 15-Sep-18, 08:00
by BUFF7454
Last post 06-Sep-18, 14:24
by pkay
ngk d8ea plug

Started by fab on 20-Aug-18, 08:26

Last post 30-Aug-18, 08:53
by madmechanic
Last post 29-Aug-18, 18:04
by J.C.
Last post 25-Aug-18, 10:29
by madmechanic
Murray's carbs email

Started by bahn88 on 23-Aug-18, 20:49

Last post 24-Aug-18, 04:13
by muzza
Last post 22-Aug-18, 21:45
by madmechanic


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