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Turbo Niggles

Started by petera on 17-Sep-17, 11:11

Last post 23-Sep-18, 23:31
by petera
CX 650 TC glove box cover

Started by Ward Rodgers on 22-May-18, 12:16

Last post 22-May-18, 12:34
by Seagrass
Turbo oil inlet hose restrictor

Started by sonicpelican on 16-Jan-18, 14:53

Last post 19-Jan-18, 10:46
by 82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie
Petera's CX500TC Project

Started by petera on 08-May-16, 00:51

Last post 02-Nov-17, 06:22
by ed h

Started by Pedro on 25-Aug-17, 19:47

Last post 02-Nov-17, 06:19
by ed h
500TFailure to Run

Started by Tony Turbo on 26-Jun-16, 16:21

Last post 08-Sep-16, 16:12
by Coops
Broken seat lugs on fuel tank...

Started by SlotBaker on 23-Jun-16, 11:54

Last post 25-Jun-16, 10:07
by Willy
Noisy Clutch on 500T

Started by doddsy1000 on 17-Apr-16, 21:36

Last post 02-May-16, 23:08
by doddsy1000
500T Inner Clutch Cover

Started by Tapometer on 17-Mar-16, 16:56

Last post 17-Apr-16, 10:30
by Tapometer
Last post 08-Jul-14, 14:10
by Dr Don
Valves for turbo engines

Started by ed h on 05-Apr-14, 08:01

Last post 07-Jul-14, 12:40
by ed h
Strange sidestand???

Started by jomi on 18-Apr-14, 04:19

Last post 18-Apr-14, 21:38
by jomi
Side stand & gear level?

Started by jomi on 16-Apr-14, 07:27

Last post 16-Apr-14, 08:34
by Dr Don
CX650 Turbo wheels colours

Started by Captclean on 17-Feb-13, 23:03

Last post 04-Apr-14, 13:18
by ed h
CX 500 Turbo blown head gasket?

Started by Catman on 11-Aug-13, 04:37 « 1 2 »

Last post 16-Mar-14, 10:41
by ed h
Turbo pic request.

Started by B33 on 01-Mar-14, 13:22

Last post 02-Mar-14, 19:48
by Mins Man
Front blinker

Started by jomi on 28-Feb-14, 23:31

Last post 01-Mar-14, 22:42
by jomi
Turbo rear engine cover?

Started by B33 on 14-Feb-14, 17:13

Last post 14-Feb-14, 17:33
by B33
Piston Rings

Started by dave turbo g on 18-Aug-13, 19:24

Last post 07-Jan-14, 04:14
by Olwesty
Fuel Tap

Started by Catman on 23-Aug-13, 04:17

Last post 30-Aug-13, 18:19
Fuel petcock options

Started by thirsty on 11-Mar-13, 18:30

Last post 08-Apr-13, 08:22
by doddsy1000
Rear suspension sag

Started by thirsty on 06-Mar-13, 20:09

Last post 08-Mar-13, 07:21
by Onetrack
Throttle Sensor issue

Started by thirsty on 20-Feb-13, 16:19

Last post 05-Mar-13, 14:42
by thirsty
Last post 01-Aug-12, 18:02
by Captclean
Turbo oil feed

Started by rickmanrider on 12-Jul-12, 22:15

Last post 12-Jul-12, 22:29
by Seagrass
500 T Plug Fouling

Started by dave turbo g on 26-Jun-11, 07:07

Last post 09-Jun-12, 15:16
by abecedarian
CX500 turbo Ignition Timing

Started by salty1960 on 26-Feb-11, 00:04

Last post 09-Jun-12, 09:19
by abecedarian
Turbo Rear Brake

Started by rickmanrider on 22-Apr-12, 22:25 « 1 2 »

Last post 03-Jun-12, 20:39
by rickmanrider
Loss of Power on my Cx500 turbo

Started by Boycee on 03-Jan-12, 21:25

Last post 26-Mar-12, 13:39
by 82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie
Who has a solution for THIS!!!!

Started by dutchturbo on 26-Jul-11, 06:59

Last post 02-Aug-11, 08:12
by ACE
ProLink bearings

Started by bbanoona on 20-Jul-11, 21:53

Last post 20-Jul-11, 21:53
by bbanoona
Blow off valve

Started by bbanoona on 19-May-11, 11:10

Last post 19-May-11, 11:10
by bbanoona
fuel filter info

Started by wary45 on 25-Mar-11, 16:58

Last post 25-Mar-11, 21:21
by Dr Don
turbo riding heat

Started by wary45 on 22-Mar-11, 20:11

Last post 23-Mar-11, 22:56
by salty1960
opinions on turbo temp issue?

Started by wary45 on 25-Jan-11, 23:31

Last post 26-Jan-11, 09:46
by thirsty
Turbo foot pegs - on other Honda models?

Started by MotoMartin on 26-Nov-10, 13:02

Last post 03-Dec-10, 09:22
by MotoMartin
Clutch rattle - bearing?

Started by MotoMartin on 25-Aug-10, 17:19

Last post 14-Nov-10, 16:06
by MotoMartin
Last post 10-Nov-10, 18:33
by rat_ cx
Air or fueldamp in fuelfilter

Started by dutchturbo on 22-Aug-10, 07:22

Last post 25-Aug-10, 13:50
by Coops
Last post 23-Aug-10, 12:09
by 82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie
other rear comstars that fit

Started by rickmanrider on 19-Aug-10, 18:56

Last post 22-Aug-10, 13:23
by rickmanrider
Turbo rev-meter broke

Started by paulux on 05-Aug-10, 04:55

Last post 11-Aug-10, 19:00
by paulux
TURBO turbine housing

Started by rickmanrider on 28-Jul-10, 19:05 « 1 2 »

Last post 05-Aug-10, 22:42
by rickmanrider
Turbo and non turbo heads

Started by rickmanrider on 01-Aug-10, 23:16

Last post 03-Aug-10, 22:20
by rickmanrider
waste gate

Started by rickmanrider on 26-Jul-10, 20:07

Last post 27-Jul-10, 21:30
by Dr Don
fork seals

Started by rickmanrider on 19-Jul-10, 19:49

Last post 21-Jul-10, 00:36
by rickmanrider
Plastic repairs 1982 CX500 Turbo

Started by hdconyers on 13-Jul-10, 17:27

Last post 14-Jul-10, 22:10
by hdconyers
Last post 04-Jul-10, 14:45
by 82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie
New guy requiring turbo info

Started by rickmanrider on 22-Jun-10, 19:30

Last post 22-Jun-10, 22:12
by Seagrass
Last post 24-May-10, 13:54
by Dr Don


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