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CX500 78 parts
« Started on: 08-May-18, 12:33 »
Hi Guys

I'm new here, I have a 78cx500 which I am currently in the process of modifying and changing. It wont be to everyones taste but it will be what I want. 

I'm based in Burleigh on the gold coast and have a heap of parts I was wanting to off load if someone wants to buy them.

I have a complete front end including wheel and near new tyre, single rotor, bars, mirrors, gauges, lights etc. all wirring has been unplugged and not cut. The only thing its missing is the front guard. So its ready to bolt on plug in and go.

I also have 2 rear shocks - Airbox, compete exhaust from headers to mufflers and the side covers that cover the airbox/ battery. And the rear end cut from the engine back, so the rear light, indicators guard, inner guard chrome bars etc.

If anyone is interested in these parts please let me know.
I can send pics of the parts and I also have a video showing all lights etc working before I unplugged and removed it all.


Re: CX500 78 parts
« Reply #1 on: 13-May-18, 09:35 »
Hi mate I'm in Robina. You don't have an 18" rear wheel by any chance ?


Re: CX500 78 parts
« Reply #2 on: 14-May-18, 14:58 »
No I don't sorry mate pretty much just what is in the post


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