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Swing Arm Dust Seal Plate - Work-around?
« Started on: 11-May-18, 17:43 »
My frame is back from the painters and today I fitted the new swing-arm bearings.  After driving in the outer races, I realised that the "dust seal plate" was missing from behind the LHS race.  I'm reasonably sure that this part, No. 9 on the attached diagram, was in position when the frame parts were given to the painter, but I can't be certain.  My dilemma is that I don't want to:
  • delay the rebuild sourcing a new seal plate
  • damage the paint whilst extracting the new race
  • cut corners to the extent that I compromise the rebuilt suspension

It appears that a possible solution might be to force something like a squash ball down the tunnel behind the bearing so that it acts as a dust seal and grease retainer. 
I would appreciate any insights on this problem. 


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