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New Petcock
« Started on: 11-May-18, 18:06 »
Hi All it's been a while,
I am getting my 82 Shadow going after sitting in the shed for a couple of years, clean the tank out today the petcock is leaking badly, it's the riveted together job with the riser tube it looks fairly common would anybody know where i could pick one up tomorrow on North Brisbane side of town or are they still available through Honda.
I would like one tomorrow so i can check the carbies and order kits if needed.

One other thing i need is the fuel flap lock, it broke in half [plastic bit]but i have turned one up out of alloy and brass for now which should work fine, the spring is ok, I spent half a day searching for one on the net but had no luck locating one except for the States and Germany.
 Thanks for any replies Whitey


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