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With a heavy heart - the CX has to go.
« Started on: 13-Nov-18, 11:16 »
You know the story

"unfinished project"   2embarassed

Well I haven't done bugger all on the bike in years and there are health reasons for that BUT the time has come to make a tough decision due to financial circumstances.

I just will not be able to spend the money required to rebuild the CX, so the time has come to let it go to someone who may be able to bring her back to life.

It's in many bits at the moment so I'll have to work out what I have (both original and all the aftermarket stuff I have lying around).  I really need to sell as a job lot as I can't afford the time / emotion in doing it piecemeal.

A sad day for me.  2cry


Re: With a heavy heart - the CX has to go.
« Reply #1 on: 13-Nov-18, 20:41 »
It would be an interesting hobby as it has been up to now mate.

You've had more conversations about options than anyone, I think.  :2afro:

So, even unfinished it has achieved the purpose.


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