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I was on the radio!
« Started on: 10-Dec-18, 12:52 »
 Radio station 3aw in Melbourne had a talk back section with Neil Mitchell this morning and the topic of issues with historic rego came up. Basically, the manual payment section of Vicroads doesn't relate correctly to the historic rego section resulting in people not receiving renewal mailouts and having to prove they had paid....even having to get new roadworthy certificates...
I have had the same issue for the past two years, fortunately I keep all my receipts so have been able to prove my payments, however lots of mucking about too!
So I rang the station along with many others and explained my situation....looks like Vicroads are now fixing tne problem...even repaying any fines etc that may have occurred. 

Best part...3aw gave me a  Bertocci ham !  whackado


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