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Screw Size?
« Started on: 25-Dec-18, 16:23 »
I need to replace two of the four counter-sunk machine screws on the CX500 starter motor; they are the ones on the exterior that hold the iron slugs within the four coils on the inside wall of the starter motor body tube.  My plan was to take those two screws out and re-plate them because of the rust, but they resisted my gentle persuasion.  One I was able to remove with a good hammering from an impact driver, making a mess of it in the process, and the other I had to finally use a screw extractor bit.  Maybe Honda used some threadlocker?

So, these screws are not shown in the Parts List book, and I need to know what size they are so I can replace them.  I measure the diameter of the threaded part as being 6mm; so does that mean they are a M6?  I suppose these are of a standard thread pitch?  The length of the screw doesn't matter, as I can just cut them to size.


Re: Screw Size?
« Reply #1 on: 25-Dec-18, 16:37 »
If they measure 6 mm they are almost certainly M6 x 1 and these should be readily available in countersunk head.


Re: Screw Size?
« Reply #2 on: 25-Dec-18, 21:09 »
OK, cheers, CX PHREAK, I'm a go-in to order some Stainless Steel ones off eBay; no more rust!


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