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New youtube channel
« Started on: 13-Jan-19, 12:23 »
About 2 years ago, I enquired bout the german CX500 DVD-which was unavailable now...

The producer (Fred Ilger) emailed me today to advise that footage is now at his youtube channel.

I'm grateful for him remembering-and taking the time to let me know as well as uploading this CX time capsule.....!

link here:

with English dubbing/ommentary for some vids as well!


Re: New youtube channel
« Reply #1 on: 25-Jan-19, 09:50 »
Great fun viewing,
Here is one for the rebuilders - rebuild a CX in 10 min and 51 seconds


Re: New youtube channel
« Reply #2 on: 06-Feb-19, 11:21 »
WOW!  He must be drinking some very strong coffee!  Actually, I do not understand this modern "cafe racer" craze.  These people (younger generation) seem to have no respect for classic motorcycles.  I suppose each to his/her own, but I just see it as the destruction of good motorcycles to produce these ridiculous looking clones.  I mean, what's with the bandages wrapped around the exhaust header pipes?  Obviously another sign of civilization's decline................  :theendisnigh:   :grandpa:


Re: New youtube channel
« Reply #3 on: 06-Feb-19, 13:00 »
i don't like to see nice examples cafed but have no qualms about the already ruined ones. These aint Vincents!

 My starting point - I make no apologies.

 Bike not quite finished.

 I have something I like - from spare parts mostly.

82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie

Re: New youtube channel
« Reply #4 on: 06-Feb-19, 14:11 »
Hi Mark,

I presume that is your thingy  :)


Re: New youtube channel
« Reply #5 on: 06-Feb-19, 14:41 »
Yep. Just waiting for paint, upholstery and front brake lines at this point.

 As I said, it's built from spare parts. Nobody in their right mind would choose the starting point for a restoration. There's much more viable ones available.

 The 80 shadow I'm riding is a contender though and likely will be restored.


Re: New youtube channel
« Reply #6 on: 06-Feb-19, 18:58 »
Looking good Mark.

If I get to Adelaide for work this year (probably October) I will plan to catch up and see thingy in person if that is OK.


Mins Man

Re: New youtube channel
« Reply #7 on: 06-Feb-19, 20:02 »
Bottom line Mark, it's your bike and you can do what you like with it.
It seems to me that the cafe racer crowd are keeping the interest in CX's alive and that's got to be a good thing.


Re: New youtube channel
« Reply #8 on: 06-Feb-19, 20:14 »
That's exactly it MM.

 And the interest it maintains, as well as the attrition of stock bikes will likely eventually drive up prices.

 I have another Rodney Dangerfield bike here I am about to begin restoring for its 50th birthday - a 71 CB450 K4 which I've now owned for about 38? years. These are another bike that has never really gained much value even though for a brief period the early ones were Hondas flagship. But I think their day is also coming. And for much the same reasons.

82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie

Re: New youtube channel
« Reply #9 on: 06-Feb-19, 21:24 »
I had I think a 1974 CB450 twin - built like a tank - they were not the fastest bikes that's for sure - but they put up with a fair bit of rough treatment. I lived in Bourke NSW for 18 months and used to ride mine from Bourke to Nyngan (128 miles of gun barrel highway) - to go to the Pub on Saturday afternoons - have two beers - then ride back - but you could not leave anytime after 3 O'clock in winter time - as there were too many kangaroos waiting to kill you on the way back at dusk, bastards used to jump out of the table drains - it wasn't fun trying to avoid them on the bike - particularly large mobs of 10 or more - they jumped right at you sometimes.

I had to make a decision before getting married to sell the bike to keep the wife - should have known better - and hindsight is a wonderful thing   haha



Re: New youtube channel
« Reply #10 on: 07-Feb-19, 18:25 »
Many of us had our first taste of bikes with the 250s/350s-Mine was a CB250K2-with Eldorado helmet and Rossi scrambler/MX boots thrown in.... 2shocked

But now we appreciate those bikes we were desperate to upgrade from back then....(upgrade to more CCs usually)

"Johnny" seems to give his CB450 some "hard love" tho' in this clip-at 2.20 or so.


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