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82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie

Hi guys,

I have a question. On the chopper charles forum in the US, I think I can download an STL file and use it to create a Manual Cover for the CX500 Turbo. I have no idea how these things work and looking for some advice, and or if someone has a 3d printer how much it would cost for one of these to be produced???

I think the material side of it is relatively cheap - but the cost to obviously make one could be expensive if going to a commercial provider?

Any ideas or assistance would be appreciated.

Thanks   2angel



Have a 3D printer no idea how to use it. Send me the file ill give it a crack.



Charlie - do you need in the "rubber" - tpu / tpe would be easy

is it one piece  - as thats probably bigger than the common printer capacity -

can do if you need.


82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie


I don't understand  "do you need in the "rubber" - tpu / tpe would be easy "

I have an .STL file which shows two pieces - when I view it, basically it is a plastic cover for the turbo manual - a base section which the manual sits in and it has a pocket on the back which hooks onto a metal post on top of the Tool box. Then there is a lid which slides over the top.

Thanks for the offer, I have sent the file to my son in law - seeing if he can print one off - will follow up in due course if not successful.



my bad - i thought we were talking about the handlebar cover  - missed the manual part.


82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie

No problem Rayman,

I think that item would be way too big -  2wink


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