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Just bought a bike cover at a good price
« Started on: 04-Mar-19, 13:59 »
I bought a bike cover for my Honda Spada (250cc) from Supercheap last year when they were on sale (small size only). It was the "gold" version of the bronze/silver/gold varieties and turned out to be surprisingly good quality for the money. Good heavy duty fabric, waterproof rather than water resistant and it has two ventilation panels on the sides. Quite strong elastic around the bottom and a strap that goes underneath - so it's not going to blow off.

I noticed today that they are selling the large size for $40, so I've lashed out and bought one. If you need to leave your bike outside, you could do worse.


I'd like to be collecting a commission, but the truth is I have nothing to do with Supercheap.


Re: Just bought a bike cover at a good price
« Reply #1 on: 05-Mar-19, 09:16 »
And the ALDI ones (when they come up) are a fair bit cheaper, still good though.


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