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82 cx500c front fork springs
« Started on: 08-Mar-19, 12:16 »
Hi Guys, I'm looking to replace the crappy saggy front fork springs. Are the dime city cycles the best option for progressive springs without spending a fortune?? Located in Melbourne so a local option would be good too???

Last time i pulled the forks apart they had no oil in them. And someone had already had a crack at putting in the metal tube spacers to remove the top spring.

If i get these progressive springs from dime city cycles do they replace this spacer/top spring.

And has anyone got them and thoughts on them. I'm not the heaviest guy but the old springs bottom out with the slightest bump and pretty much give a terrible ride.


82 CX500C


Re: 82 cx500c front fork springs
« Reply #1 on: 08-Mar-19, 12:41 »
might want to give ikon a try-they do fork springs for a lot of bikes.



Re: 82 cx500c front fork springs
« Reply #2 on: 08-Mar-19, 14:15 »
Progressives replace both springs - or they did in the GL700 I fitted a set to.


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