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3D printer files for CX500 etc.
« Started on: 15-Mar-19, 16:07 »
With the recent talk of 3D printing in another thread I thought this may be of interest to the board. Someone sent in some 3D printer files for the CX carbs:


Anyone got more to add? Makes me wish I had a 3D printer...


Re: 3D printer files for CX500 etc.
« Reply #1 on: 15-Mar-19, 19:57 »
The 3D printers are well on the way aren't they.

I was at a trade show the other day & the smaller machines still get problems with shrinkage.

Otherwise, it would be a great backyard business.  :2afro: :2afro:


Re: 3D printer files for CX500 etc.
« Reply #2 on: 18-Mar-19, 10:51 »
Mate of mine has a small 3D printer. Not an ultra cheapy but certainly not expensive.  The few things he's made for me seem fine.

I'm waiting for one where I can press a button and it can do the project for me, so the missus get's off my back and stops saying "Have you sold it yet?"


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