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engine guard/engine watchdog
« Started on: 19-Mar-19, 16:28 »
Hi, wondering if anyone has fitted any of the "temperature alarms/monitors" like engine guard or engine watchdog to their bikes/boats (haven't included cars here as Iam wondering how they cope with mixed weather/elements
Is the display weatherproof (no answer from the manufacturer for engine guard-tho' they say they are suitable for bikes......)

Staffy talked about onsidering it in a old post (in place of an accessory gauge)-but dunno if anyone here ever fitted a unit......


Re: engine guard/engine watchdog
« Reply #1 on: 26-Mar-19, 22:17 »
There are a number of programmable Temperature Controllers on eBay or Aliexpress, ranging from $10 to $30, which probably do the same function as the "As Seen On TV" types.  Some have a small piezo alaram, and they all have a relay which could be used to activate an external alarm or the vehicle's horn.  They have an LED temperature display.  The relay can also be used to turn on an electric fan when the engine reaches a pre-programmed temperature level.  The units could be made waterproof by placing in a plastic box, or spraying the innards with a suitable product.  I've used one of these in my car, with the sensor mounted next to a spark plug..... I could watch the temp rise and fall when the car would go over a small hill.  There are a number of different models that have the same external case, and generally the same PCB inside, but populated with different components.  see photo below.  Also link to one of these on eBay:



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