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Tacho needle oscillations
« Started on: 31-Mar-19, 16:07 »
I've had my speedo and tacho serviced by Gauge Works here is SA and fitted them to my bike with new cables.

The tacho needle indicates solidly until RPMs increase to approximately 4,500 RPM. Following this point, the needle will oscillate +/- 250 RPM for the remainder of the ride.

Have you guys experienced this before? And if so, what is the fix?


Re: Tacho needle oscillations
« Reply #1 on: 31-Mar-19, 16:44 »
I’d take it back and ask them to fix it or explain.


Re: Tacho needle oscillations
« Reply #2 on: 31-Mar-19, 19:54 »
Did you lube the tacho cable and is the route of the tacho cable as per the workshop manual?

If the cable is routed incorrectly the inner cable might be binding on the outer cable.

If all of that is OK then I agree with Rooray that you should return it to where it was serviced.



Re: Tacho needle oscillations
« Reply #3 on: 01-Apr-19, 11:08 »
Almost not off topic: What is the correct way to lubricate a tacho (or speedo) cable?


Re: Tacho needle oscillations
« Reply #4 on: 01-Apr-19, 11:13 »
I use inox as it's lanolin. Works well.

 Modern cables use synthetic liners. Things like sewing machine oil, 3 in 1 and WD sprays can cause the liner to swell, effectively seizing the cable.


Re: Tacho needle oscillations
« Reply #5 on: 01-Apr-19, 22:56 »
were the "clocks" working perfectly before the "service"?
if so-you have reason to take them back as others have stated....

you may have paid for a "clean and lube" rather than a "refurbishment"-if that's the case they may have fulfilled their part and given you a serviceable item back.(Cleaning has exacerbated the mechanical wear??)
Old British cars-e.g. minis and brit bikes had this "clock" issue.

Might be a simple cable lube issue-don't assume a new cable is fully lubed-especially if old stock


Re: Tacho needle oscillations
« Reply #6 on: 01-Apr-19, 23:40 »
You're all making sense.

Thanks Mark, I'll re-lube the cable and check the routing again (thanks Seagrass).

I've spoken to Gauge Works and they are happy to take another look at it, but I'll check the basics first and see how we go!


Re: Tacho needle oscillations
« Reply #7 on: 22-Apr-19, 10:24 »
How did you go? FWIW I had a similar problem before and opened the unit. There's a clamped ring around that keep both sides together which had to be pried open with a small screw driver. However servicing the inside without success and replaced the unit


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