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Standard Spark plugs OR Iridium Plugs.
« Started on: 07-Apr-19, 12:31 »
Just sealed the tank with KBS sealer as the bike was hard to start, however after sealing bike still would not start. Changed out the plugs for older ones and bugger me dead, it started!

Just wondering if it's worth buying Iridium plugs or stick to standard plugs and change more regularly?



Re: Standard Spark plugs OR Iridium Plugs.
« Reply #1 on: 07-Apr-19, 13:36 »
Standard plugs are around $6 each, irridiums $20 +.

 In a motor as easy to access the plugs as a CX I don't see much benefit to irridiums.

 And irridiums are generally unreadable masking mixture problems as they're pretty much self cleaning.

 Irridiums are resister plugs. If you require resisters you can fit DR8EA rather than D8EA.


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