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Damaged front fork
« Started on: 25-Apr-19, 10:23 »
hello gurus
my resto continues
I have been looking at the front forks and noted a rusty gouge on the left hand chrome pipe about 18mm x3mm.   I believe its low enough to rub on the seal.
the right hand side seems to have a slight bend less than 1mm and both have some mild rust.
can the gouge be repaired? and if not is it likely to cause problems.

82 Turbo & 2000 Valkyrie

Re: Damaged front fork
« Reply #1 on: 25-Apr-19, 11:09 »
Hi Graham,

If you can feel the gouge with your fingernail - and if it has gone through the chrome plating - then it is done.. source a replacement. You can use some wd40 and a scouring pad (green ones you use in the kitchen) but do this very carefully.

If you are going to attempt to re-use the fork - don't waste the new seal -by not having first removed as much rust as you can.

Can you put the slider in a lathe - if so then do that to clean the rust on tube up with the scourer (lightly until all the rust is gone).

For a final preparation - when you have assembled the fork with new seal - then use some 2000 grit wet and dry - and run a cross hatch pattern on the fork working area, don't forget to lubricate during this process  as well.

My Turbo ones were very suspect but (touch wood) have held up after being rebuilt from two sets I had (original ones on the bike) plus a spare set I had.

Mine are not that great...



Re: Damaged front fork
« Reply #2 on: 25-Apr-19, 11:25 »
thanks 82
will go and have a closer look and try the scourer.  though I suspect the tube might be done.
any recomendations for a source replacement I will probably get the two for consistancy.


Re: Damaged front fork
« Reply #3 on: 25-Apr-19, 11:56 »
Aftermarket replacement tubes are suspect quality - especially on the chrome.

 You would be best buying some used OEM tubes or having the existing tubes re hard chromed.

 Not cheap though. A GL700 I had tubes rechromed for a while back cost $300 - but they're beautiful and are a higher standard than OEM.


Re: Damaged front fork
« Reply #4 on: 25-Apr-19, 13:26 »
Thanks CX
Hope all is well
Will the gouge affect the rechroming or will they level this first?
Don't suppose you know anyone that could do this up my way?
Will any tube maker produce an OEM version or will I need a speacialist?


Re: Damaged front fork
« Reply #5 on: 26-Apr-19, 04:16 »
get them hard chromed . The cost will be similar to sourcing a dodgy new replacement , and you will know what you have


Re: Damaged front fork
« Reply #6 on: 26-Apr-19, 08:09 »
A good fork rechroming place will remove the old chrome, linish the fork (sand it back to smooth) copperplate the fork and then chrome the fork about three times with “Hard Chrome”.

This whole process reduces the thickness of the fork and then adds thickness back to the fork diameter returning it to its “normal size” (so the seals do not leak oil from the fork being too thin).

This is why it costs $300 to $400 to get done per pair of forks.

It is best to use someone who knows what they are doing and apart from the place Mark mentions, the only other one I know of is in Brisbane somewhere although, I am fairly certain that there will be somewhere in Sydney. Maybe ask David Pagano from the MTMRPC club.



Re: Damaged front fork
« Reply #7 on: 26-Apr-19, 10:56 »
I have repaired damage like this easily, cheaply, and effectively. The last one I did lasted years.
Scrub and thoroughly clean and dry the area. Warm the fork tube, then use THIN superglue sparingly on the damaged area to build up above the chrome height, use a cotton bud to dab it on. Then using wet and dry on a dead flat stick, sand back level with the chrome, ending up with very fine, 1500 or better 2000.
You may need to put on several layers of superglue letting each one tack-dry before adding the next.
'ZAP' or 'Hot-Stuff' brands are the best I've found. (Model shops).
Warming the metal and using Thin superglue helps the glue wick into the 'grain' of the steel, giving it good adhesion.


Re: Damaged front fork
« Reply #8 on: 27-Apr-19, 09:13 »
ok thanks Joolstacho
this sounds like a good short to mid term solution and I think I'll go with it for now.
thanks again.
this is a great forum.


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