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Broken Air Mixture Screws
« Started on: 24-May-19, 12:45 »
Whilst rebuilding my CX500 I have found that both carbs had broken tips of the air mixture screws lodged in the bodies of the carbs.  I have Larry's carb book and have read many posts about how to try to remedy the problem including https://cx500forum.com/forum/general-discussion/1690-bike-not-running-smooth-2.html.  My attempts to remove the tip on one of the carbs have failed, and I've given up trying for fear of causing further damage.  Is any of our members able to undertake this task for me?  Or able to recommend some suitably skilled guru?  In the absence of this I'll have to seek replacement carbs.


Re: Broken Air Mixture Screws
« Reply #1 on: 24-May-19, 22:43 »
When rebuilding your carbs don't replace any brass that isn't actually damaged. Keihin made these parts better than whoever makes these replacement parts.

 The mixture screws in particular are problematic as the end taper is often not correct. When lightly seated they can jam in the drilling and snap off. Sound familiar? I've had it happen to me too.

 Due to this they don't meter or adjust properly either.

 As an aside, the float needles included in the kits give odd float heights - no good if you have non adjustable plastic floats. The originals are long lived and likely good to go with a clean.

 As to your issue, I'm prepared to have a crack - bearing in mind I destroyed my last attempt and replaced the carb body.

 Alternatively, I may be able to supply you a carb body - depending on your carb number on the side of the carbs . It'll start with VB and likely 36.


Re: Broken Air Mixture Screws
« Reply #2 on: 25-May-19, 18:52 »
Mr Phreak, that is great news.  The carbs are VB36A.  I will PM you.  Thanks. 


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