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Recommendations for a stator replacement CX650E
« Started on: 04-Jul-19, 23:39 »
I have a CX650E that I purchased from forum member ACE a while back and I've been fixing a few things to get a roadworthy and a new club permit.

The next couple of months are lousy riding weather so I have decided to take the plunge and pull the engine out to replace the stator and starter clutch parts, and probably also replace the mechanical seal and check the cam chain and tensioner.

Has anyone replaced a TI stator and can give me a recommendation about where to buy one. There seem to be plenty on Ebay and elsewhere and the more I look the more confused and undecided I get!

Suggestions/advice very welcome.


I've been fitting these from China for a few years now. With the caveat a small rebate needs to be dremelled in the rear cover to clear a screw head {or the screw moved} they are pretty good, appear well made and I know of none failing.



Make sure that that the three wire connector is in good condition as a poor connection for one phase will damage the stator.

"Young Les F


I use this one:


Same as the above link, I think... as far as I'm aware all the ones I have put in bikes are still going. I know a couple of blokes who have ordered the reaaaaally cheap ones off Ali Express and the failure rate of those is 100% so far - so I have stuck with the above.

I still check them with a multimeter before installing... better to find out one is DOA before you put the motor back in!


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