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14500-415-000 vs 14500-470-751-fully compatible???
« Started on: 20-Jul-19, 20:30 »
Hi all,
wondering if 14500-415-000 Cam tensioner blade can be used in place of a 14500-470-751 for a CX500B?
The blades themselves weren't subject to a recall I beleive and "Motofaction" suggests the additional "mass" on the back of 14500-470-751 wasn't reinforcement at all.....

If they are compatible is the earlier part (14500-415-000) thought weaker in any way?



The blade {guide side} was part of the recall.

I have bought recall sets to get the blade.

 While the chain is generally gone from the kit you get the blade, 4 bolt tin cover, a grade 10 bolt and support piece for the top of the guide.

The added piece on the tensioner supports it mid length


thanks for the reply.
I take it the recall sets are now NLA?

Interestingly CMSNL still offers 14500-415-000...tho' these may be re-manufatured....... :dontknow:

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The sets have been NLA for years I would think.

 But I've picked up 3 - 4 sets over the years.

 I've just put a motor together. Every single timing component except the cam sprocket and the spacer that prevents the tensioner bolt from crushing the tensioner are NOS or new.


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