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david donne

Noisy tacho 650 Euro
« Started on: 25-Jul-19, 17:50 »
When I disconnected it, the noise ceased. I lubed the cable and put it back on and the noise returned.

So it would seem that it's gear noise in the tacho body. I've removed the instrument panel but it's way too scary for me to be going in there. Can anyone suggest a repair option.

The square end of the drive cable is slightly bent and does not revolve at a fixed point. Is this likely to be a contributor to the problem?


Re: Noisy tacho 650 Euro
« Reply #1 on: 25-Jul-19, 19:06 »
The most common reason for the noise is that the drive cable (inner cable) is a little too long.

The fix is to grind about a one half to one milimetre off of the end of the inner cable so it is a little shorter.


david donne

Re: Noisy tacho 650 Euro
« Reply #2 on: 07-Aug-19, 19:25 »
Tks S G
I will try this.

If no good and the unit needs a re furb who could do this. There is a very competent serbian guy up at Nerang who has fixed BMW R units for me but he probably wouldn't have any CX E bits.


Re: Noisy tacho 650 Euro
« Reply #3 on: 07-Aug-19, 21:19 »
Let me know if it does not work and I will give you the name of a Sydney company who repaired my Turbo speedo. I also think there is someone in my local historic club who repairs them.



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