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A A A A Author Topic: Mounting the CX500 Radiator Cover - Special Collar and Washer?  (Read 227 times)


Can anyone tell me the material that parts 5 and 18 (washer and collar) are made from?  Are these parts intended to protect the plastic radiator cover from heat?


Someone will know that for you.

My own experience tells me that things like that protect the plastic from cracking when the bolts are tightened.


I have one on my shed floor currently, I’ll see if I can get out there tomorrow morning and have a squiz.


Thanks J.C. , if you could get dimensions of #5 (collar) as well that would be helpful.


It’s missing that hardware unfortunately. The holes that that collar sits in are 15mm wide and 15mm deep, if that helps. Depth measured to the base of the inset lines.


That's great J.C.  I'll knock something up on the lathe. 


Hang on a mo. After looking at the diagram again I  think I was looking  for the wrong thing...  I think #5 may be  a little steel collar, one nearly fell out when I picked it up but I  was  looking for something that was sitting in the hole above those things.

I'll send a pic and some measurements.


#5 appears to be a steel collar (silver under the black paint and magnetic) of the dimensions:

9.11 OD
6.53 ID
4.14 height


Sits in a recess on the inner side of the hole where the side mount bolt goes through the plastic surround. Has to be pushed in from the inside as there's a lip that stops it going any further once it's in place.


Excellent J.C.  Thanks again


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