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david donne

bike parking Brisbane area
« Started on: 07-Aug-19, 19:39 »
I'm going on the Two stroke and Tiddlers ride up at Strathpine next Tuesday and taking a roadie 250. After this several of us are going up the Burnett Hwy and riding the dirt on trailies, so i have to take two bikes up to Brisbane.
Trying to get two on a ute and managing to secure them is difficult so i wondered if there was someone in the Brisbane north area who had a space i could park the Spada to save carting it around, for about a week.


Re: bike parking Brisbane area
« Reply #1 on: 09-Aug-19, 12:29 »
Cant help directly. (I'm in the other end of Oz) You may already have this sorted. But did you also post in the Australian section of the international forum? Maybe give that a try as well.


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