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CX500E painting.
« Started on: 07-Aug-19, 20:05 »
I took advantage of a recent two days of 35 - 40% humidity and 20C temp to clear coat ( final coat ) my re-spray. It is Honda Monza Red and the decal set is the proper set for a black CX650 but I've chopped them around a bit to fit,  especially around the tank badges. The frame has had its first coat of 2-part Rat Rod Satin Black after sand blasting and etch primer. Engine will be sprayed a nice bright silver during reconditioning. From today until Sunday, SA weather is forecast wet and windy.


Re: CX500E painting.
« Reply #1 on: 10-Aug-19, 19:34 »
Like Santa's workshop here ! Thankfully, that is the Tupperware painting, flatting and polishing over and done with. If the very windy and wet SA weather we are having ever goes away, I'll get the second coat of satin black on the frame, swinging arm and both stands and then begin bolting some stuff back on.


Re: CX500E painting.
« Reply #2 on: 10-Aug-19, 19:43 »
All looking rather good.  :good:


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