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ed h

CX400 bearings interchange?
« Started on: 01-Sep-19, 04:26 »
Have any of you ever had a CX400 apart and looked at the main bearings and the connecting rod bearings?  I am curious if they interchange with the 500 and 650 parts?  I have a chance to use a 400 crank for a race project, but I want to get the bearing issue sorted before I go too far.


Re: CX400 bearings interchange?
« Reply #1 on: 01-Sep-19, 12:31 »
No, I've never had one that far apart.

 But the 400 is based on tyhe 500 motor and that's where any parts commonality will lie - not with the 650.

Fische shows 415 part numbers, same as 500.



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