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Re: Affordable work stands / Ideas
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Thanks mate.
A ratchet will do me.

If you raise the entire bike with this setup be sure to secure it out to the sides with straps or rope, as if you were hauling the bike in a trailer.

Yeah but secure it to what ?!

Use a skyhook Vlad (what else would you use)


I came across a reasonably priced set of skyhooks, thought I'd share:



Re: Affordable work stands / Ideas
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Cmon mate - youre an Aussie - you must have heard of Skyhooks



Re: Affordable work stands / Ideas
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I bought a hospital bed from Vinnies (prob ex lismore base Hosp who would have disposed of it because it had a mechanical lift, not electric) Cost $40  Has good locking wheels.
It drops down to 150mm so you can push the bike on and can be cranked up to 550mm.  Covered the metal frame with a sheet of 15mm builders 'green and black ply' 2400 long and 1000mm wide. $70.

When I want to remove either wheel, I just hoist it up to a beam with one of those cheap $20 hand winch pullers. Advantage is that it can't fall over and doesn't need to be tied off on either side.

IMHO, the critical thing is to get any bike up to at least 500mm off the floor. You won't get this with bike lifters and the lifting tables (chinese) have a patchy record with the hydraulic rams. A friend at Robertson paid $450 locally for one and when the ram failed the local guy wasn't very keen to repair/replace it under warranty.

Want my gf to put on a nurses uniform and move the thing but so far she's not buying into it.  happy0065 happy0065


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