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The Americans are really embracing old bikes nowadays.  happy0158 happy0158

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Re: What's happening today?
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That is crazy stupid...


Re: What's happening today?
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I traveled to Norfolk Island last Sunday to do some maintenance on a rental property I own after the tenant moved out. The plan was to return home today BUT due to cyclone OMA the flight was canceled and re-scheduled for tomorrow.

I just received an SMS and email advising the rescheduled flight has now been canceled due to continuing poor weather conditions. I was a little surprised as I then needed to call the airline and organise a new flight as they have not rescheduled the flight but canceled it leaving around 165 customers stranded on Norfolk Island Doh

I managed to get booked onto the Sunday flight to Sydney (there are only flights to/from Sydney on Friday Sunday and Monday each week) but looking at the forecast path of the cyclone, it is possible that it will still be causing weather problems on Sunday so the flight may be canceled yet again.

Anyway looks like I get to spend a few more days in paradise 2coolsmiley


P.S I am supposed to me in Melbourne tonight for work for the next few days rolleye0012

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Re: What's happening today?
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The joys of living in the middle of the pacific ocean....batten down the hatches Seagrass you could be in for some wild weather - look at it this way - any luck you will get a good tailwind on the way home as well..


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Re: What's happening today?
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I was thinking that if he had a surfboard he could surf home.  happy0158


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The Mottobat is not a good choice for the CX range as the CX regulator supplies a much higher charging voltage (around 14.9 volts from memory) than the battery is designed for.

I installed one in my CX500 turbo and one in my NT700 around three years ago. After about a year the one in the Turbo failed but the one in the NT700 is still going strong.

I replaced the one in the turbo with one of the following which is lasting well so far.



Well it looks like I spoke too soon. The mottobat in my NT700 died about a week or two after I made the above post.

I fitted another orange Gel battery to the NT700 and I am hoping to go for a ride to Bathurst tomorrow to top up the charge  fietsertour



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More what happened yesterday-as part of work got to take the bike to Cowes (Phillip Island)-amazed that drivers still seem to ignore bikes at roundabouts-twice in a day... 2sad.. I consider myself a defensive rider, but still get peeved when someone can see me but decides to not give way/"race" me anyway cause they have a SUV....

This was balanced up by a gentleman who followed me to the local car park to discuss bikes-he has M.S. and a balance issue now, but doesn't want to get rid of his mid-size Hondas/kwakas-I discussed some things to consider e.g. Spyder, Ural, or just keep a two wheeler to listen to it tick over......

Anyways-m'bike riding has its frustrations-hail, rail, wind, drivers that "have no idea" but you meet some great people out there riding- so no intention to give these 2 wheel contraptions up as yet! 2smiley


Re: What's happening today?
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They are indeed good at ignoring bikes.

I think I know the roundabouts you mention (on the Bass Highway as you ride down to the island).

They are pretty wide & the 4 wheels rarely need to slow down much, so they just glide through with little regard.

Those roundabouts are a bit of fun for us as well though with a good lean & a nice acceleration out of them  happy0158 happy0158

That's the fun part  happy0065 happy0065


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