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Re: What's happening today?
« Reply #8525 on: 28-Jun-19, 19:44 »
Very impressive Charlie, I think you're wasting your time as a public servant.
I've just returned from a week in Beechworth enjoying the serenity and the fabulous weather.
Clear blue skies and temperatures in the high teens was terrific, although it was a bit chilly Monday morning with minus 4 degrees.
I went bush yesterday cutting firewood and enjoyed a BBQ lunch over an open fire next to Lake Wobby.

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Re: What's happening today?
« Reply #8526 on: 29-Jun-19, 09:11 »
Hi Harry,

Glad you are enjoying your dotage, and you have upgraded the risks of further disaster - as I presume you were using a chain saw to cut timber and not an angle grinder.  May as well cut off an arm or a leg instead of a thumb   :tease: :tease:

Glad the weather has been nice, yes it is definitely chilly in the mornings.

I am off to Canberrra for a couple of weeks tomorrow morning, and I know it will be chilly there every morning on the ride to work.

Bike is ready - I have even ordered my Coles click n collect when I get there, to save me a bit of time.

Concreting is not my forte - the two days after that arms and shoulders were aching, and my back was ridiculously sore...but the concrete hasn't cracked (yet). It is still drying out as we had some heavy rain for a few days after the pour.

I am also maybe, hopefully, looking to get into another project, but need to be very quiet about this one - particularly if my wife is within earshot. 

If you don't hear from me for a few weeks - send the police    lol

Pictures to follow - and I am sure there will be the appropriate comments as well.   I am dependent on someone sending me the photos, so be patient.

Cheers and beers   2angel

Mins Man

Re: What's happening today?
« Reply #8527 on: 29-Jun-19, 11:46 »
Geez Charlie, not another mobile couch!
I actually sold my CX 400 Custom last weekend so I'm down to 2 bikes.....if you don't count the Postie and the Can Am.
I have bought a new trailer though. I've had enough emptying the trailer at the tip, so I bought a tipping bastard.

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Re: What's happening today?
« Reply #8528 on: 29-Jun-19, 13:15 »

So you still have 4 in total, the CX500 Custom, Postie, Can Am, what else do you have left ? You sold the Goldwing, the CX650 Turbo - I thought you disposed of the 500T as well?

So how many trailers do you have - and is this the one you were going to purchase from queensland ?

No it is not another couch - something a wee bit smaller...

But still waiting for photos    2angel

Mins Man

Re: What's happening today?
« Reply #8529 on: 29-Jun-19, 15:22 »
I still have the 500 Turbo, so I will have to get my ar$e into gear and advertise it on Gumtree.
Now that I have a new 8 x 5 tandem trailer I will have to sell my old tandem and I might as well sell my bike trailer too.
Seeing as how you've become a bike collector now, you should have a trailer to carry them on when they break down.   happy0062
In answer to your question, I currently have 5 trailers and a ute....do I have to declare that on my tax or are you just being nosy?

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Re: What's happening today?
« Reply #8530 on: 29-Jun-19, 19:37 »
Not being nosey,

I suppose it must be good to collect things - but I don't have the room to collect much. I battle with what I have and how I can store things when I buy them. So I have a bit of clutter.

Starting to de-clutter slowly and my answer to this problem is to give things to my son-in-law who has 5000sqm up at Bullaburra, and a large 3 bay garage just recently completed. Problem is he has more clutter than me..lol

I gave him my box trailer as we don't have a car with a tow bar. Let him borrow the concrete mixer years ago, and don't push him to get things back. So I might be able to get some more room to put more clutter in.

I may not have the photos I need to put up for a while as I won't have internet access in Canberra - and I cannot use the work PC's for uploading of pictures.. So will wait and see.

Cheers Harry.

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Re: What's happening today?
« Reply #8531 on: 29-Jun-19, 19:52 »
Just another little story,

As I am off travelling for a couple of weeks - took the Turbo out for a quick run this morning, thought it would be wise to put a bit of charge into the battery, warm the oil up.

Well I know I have a problem with the speedo cable or the actual speedo in the dashboard, as when returning from Grafton on my last little misadventure, the speedo was jumping wildly about and was making some dreadful noises - sounding like at any time it was going to self destruct. Not having ridden it much at all this morning it decided to remind meas soon as I got onto the main road. Throttled up and into second gear and my ear drums nearly burst from the screech coming from the dashboard. Needle flogging itself 20-40 range back and forward. The noise did not stop until I was at a dead stop. As soon as I started again it came back. Went and filled up with petrol, lots of people looking at me strangely as if I was strangling a cat.

Noise continued - then all of a sudden disappeared.  When I get back from Canberra I'll be pulling the cable and dashboard to inspect and lubricate further.

Mins Man

Re: What's happening today?
« Reply #8532 on: 29-Jun-19, 21:14 »
Not taking the Turbo to Canberra Mate?  2funny
Don't forget to pack your thermal Reg Grundies.  happy0062

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Re: What's happening today?
« Reply #8533 on: 30-Jun-19, 08:50 »
Just packing now - intend to leave about 10 ish

So should be there -and hopefully not raining by about 3 - a leisurely ride.


No not taking the Turbo...


Re: What's happening today?
« Reply #8534 on: 30-Jun-19, 17:03 »
Pretty cold down here in Victoria at the moment so not much riding however we took the st100 for a run to Phillip Island recently and had a great couple of days in sunny weather! My 650 was sold quite a while ago but haven't seen or heard how it's been going from the new owner. My buddy Pete has had to give up motorbiking due to health reasons so he will be selling his 500 and many parts asap. Stay tuned!
Had a  good chat to Harold recently....must catch up with others too!
Cheers Chris


Re: What's happening today?
« Reply #8535 on: 01-Jul-19, 13:39 »
You are not wrong about the cold weather! The 650 is coming along slowly Chris. I took it for a roadworthy test a few months ago and got a defect list from the RWC tester (more like a wish list -the things he wishes I would pay him to fix!).

I've done all the things on his list  - including a new rear brake disk at considerable expense and repacking and adjusting the steering head bearings which taught me quite a bit about what goes where because you have to strip quite a few things away to get at them. I'm now thinking that it might be a good idea to pull the motor out and replace the stator and the starter clutch and check all the other things (cam chain, mechanical seal) before I bother to get a roadworthy as it's too cold to ride for most of the next few months.

I still have my other bike and I went out yesterday to get my club permit renewal papers signed. I was going to go by car, but the morning looked promising and I rugged up and had a nice ride in the sunshine.

Cheers, Tony


Re: What's happening today?
« Reply #8536 on: 01-Jul-19, 20:00 »
G'day Tony! Great to hear from you on the forum! We've been travelling for months but now home for winter! Crap news about that dear disk as they rarely wear out that much so hang to the original old one! I agree that this is the time to do the stator and starter clutch. Also, ask around for another roadworthy tester as he seemed to be very picky...keep us up to date on your progress and there's lots of wiser heads than mine regarding mechanicals! Can't wait to see the finished product on a ride down this way!
Cheers Chris

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Re: What's happening today?
« Reply #8537 on: 10-Jul-19, 12:15 »
Still in Canberra,

Weather has not been that cold so far - but expecting a chilly blast tonight and more towards the weekend.

Looking forward to being at home and not eating frozen meals every night   lol.

Then back to the grind next Monday.

Cheers guys   2angel


Re: What's happening today?
« Reply #8538 on: 10-Jul-19, 14:38 »
you could try thawing the dinners before you eat them , that may make life easier.....

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Re: What's happening today?
« Reply #8539 on: 11-Jul-19, 07:40 »
Thanks Muzza,

I suppose that's why my teeth have been chattering... bloody freezers - hard to get my head in there and also chew through the cardboard.... damn..


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